On March 24th from 4-5pm at the Southfield Public Library, Orchards will be hosting a free literacy event geared toward children ages 2-21. Reading is the key ingredient to exercising a child’s brain and improving concentrations skills. We are providing opportunities for our chidren to explore reading in a whole new way that motivates them to read while having fun. The Cat in the Hat will be reading some of Dr. Seuss favorites. Join us for an hour of storytelling and activities. Free to Orchards clients and free to the public. Like our friend Cat in the Hat says, You find magic wherever you look, so sit back and relax, all you need is a book.

On March 31st from 5-6pm, Mariah’s Amazing Puppets is coming to the Orchards Southfield location to give a captivating and educational performance of The Giving Tree and The Selfish Giant. This performance will teach children the importance of giving. March is an exciting month for Orchards and we are confident that our children will end March as readers for life.