For the last two holiday seasons, Serra Subaru of Grand Blanc has celebrated the season by restoring hope and love for children experiencing a family crisis within Genesee County, Michigan. The entire team at Serra Subaru adopts children who are a part of Orchards Children’s Services, a human service agency that rescues, restores and improves the lives of children in our community who are experiencing family trauma. Serra Subaru receives a list of wants and needs from these children and shares a holiday dinner in their showroom with Serra Santa Clause presenting the gifts and toys to the children.

It is a reminder to all of us the magic of the holiday season and how important it is to help those in crisis. Not only is Serra Subaru of Grand Blanc a huge direct supporter of the children of Orchards, they have also provided $13,000 in support through the Share the Love event as a charity of choice

This generosity goes a long way to help other families and children experiencing abuse, neglect or are in need or specialized support. Thank you Serra Subaru of Grand Blanc!