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Serving 15 Michigan Counties

“Orchards is a great place to work and a wonderful team to be a part of. I am very thankful for my supervisor who has always been very supportive, and I have great coworkers. The management team has always been very helpful as well, and I love the positive and optimistic environment that everyone works together to create.”

“I love Orchards! It’s become more than just a job, they are like my second family. I have been
introduced to so many experiences that I’d never thought I could be and I am grateful!”

“My immediate and department supervisors are one of the main reasons that keep me at Orchards. I think that their organizational skills, team work skills, personal rapport, support and understanding of the stress of this position make it manageable to deal with any difficulties that arise. I also have a lot of faith in the vision of our executive team, which also makes it a place to want to remain at long-term.”

“Orchards is a good agency to work for. They expect the best from workers and I feel that Orchards delivers the best service to our clients.”

“I strongly believe that the agency strives to provide the best possible programs and to make systemic improvements which has proven to not always be easy. The agency has it’s share of challenges but I think there have always been resourceful and competent people working hard on it’s behalf.”

“I really love my job at Orchards. I love the culture, the people and the work that I am doing.”