Mission & Values

Serving 15 Michigan Counties

Our Mission

Strengthening the community through quality services to children and families…

Our Vision

Every child, youth, and family is safe and empowered by engaged communities.

Our Values

Commitment: Promising to implement best practice in all areas relating to workforce values, attitudes, behaviors, skills and competence. 

Empowerment: Creating and maintaining an environment that supports, represents, and engages members of diverse groups and identities in decision making and service delivery design.

Education: Being fully informed and serving as a learning organization that seeks and shares knowledge, while creating opportunities for diverse groups to achieve the same.

Respect: Treating everyone with their definition of respect and encouraging strong connections with their identified community and culture.

Stewardship: Thoughtfully managing all agency resources in a manner that is consistent with our mission and in a way that maximizes the value of resources to current and future stakeholders