Youth Board

Serving 15 Michigan Counties

The Orchards Children’s Services Youth Board is a diverse group of 9th – 12th graders from over 20 high schools in the state of Michigan. They are our future generation of philanthropists and volunteers. Each year they commit to volunteer projects that benefit hundreds of children and families in need. They design and execute the projects themselves, with the support of Orchards staff.

This amazing group of high school students stand committed to helping children and families in need with a spirit and vision of changing lives and bringing awareness to the community for the need for attention to child and family services.

They meet one Saturday each month from September – June. 

Rio Byrd 
Amiya Champion 
Giselle Cole 
Alexis Cooper 
Mikayla Gayden 
Carl Gayden, Jr.
Ava Grewal 
Rhea Grewal 
Amyre Hobbs 
Jordyn Hoyle 
Malisha Jackson 
Markieta Jackson  (Secretary)

Max Kramer 
Sam Kramer 
Juanita Lane 
Ariel Laws  (Social Media)
Angel Lee 
Lemesha Love 
Carter Lutz 
Alauna Marable 
Amelia Margolis 
Allison McConnell 
Charlotte McKenzie 
Malcolm McGee 

Gabrielle Robinson 
Solomon Shorter (President)
Bridget Spilkin 
Julia Spilkin 
Sasha Tertzag (Vice President)
Neesha Thomas 
Ava Usher 
Kylie Walton 
Jaylah Walton 
Ethan Weitzman 
Drew Weitzman 

Interested in becoming a Youth Board member? Contact Kree Bayne at