Executive Team

Nicole Lawson

President and Chief Executive Officer – Orchards Children’s Services, Inc.

Nicole brings an impressive educational background and holds a Bachelor of Science in Counseling Psychology, a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Business Administration.

Nicole has worked to better behavioral health in Oakland County, where she served as Clinical Analyst and Director, and later as the Deputy Executive Director/Chief Operating Officer of the Oakland Community Health Network.

Most recently, Nicole served as the National Director of Behavioral Health for Valor Healthcare overseeing 50 primary care clinics in 16 states, serving over 150,000 veterans. At Valor Healthcare, she also served as Chair of the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Council. Nicole demonstrates strong leadership skills and excels at strategic planning and implementation, operational excellence, team leadership and development, and vision setting.

“Orchards’ mission is very personal to me. My husband and I were foster parents and are adoptive parents to two children. I am very humbled to be joining such a dynamic agency,” Nicole says. “I’m excited to meet with staff and supporters and become part of such a dedicated and caring team.”


Troy Kulick
Troy Kulick

Chief Financial Officer

Troy Kulick joined Orchards Children’s Services in April 2021. He oversees all aspects of the organization’s finances, including the development and management of strategic investments, preparation of financial statements and reporting to Orchard’s Board of Directors. Troy brings over 20 years of financial leadership experience, with a focus on developing diverse talent and high performing teams while providing strategic insight and direction.

Prior to joining the Orchards, Troy served as the Vice President of International Finance and Operational Excellence for Domino’s Pizza Inc., the largest pizza company in the world. He holds an MBA from the Broad Graduate School of Business at Michigan State University and is a certified public accountant.

Troy is passionate about having a transformational impact in supporting the organization’s mission and serving the children, families and communities the agency supports.