Parent Child+ Social Worker

Serving 15 Michigan Counties

Job description

The Parent Child + Program engages with families within the community to assist parents with increasing their own ability to be their child’s first teacher. This program was developed to increase language development, word and object recognition as well as increasing fine motor skills in children 16 months – 2 years old. This is a community-based program working with families in the city of Detroit.

As a Parent Child + Early Learning Specialist you will provide books and toys to families each week and engage with families around these items, teaching parents how to engage and play with their children as well as encouraging creative ways to utilize these items. The goal of this program is to decrease the language word gap of children within the community in order to assist the child with becoming more school ready when entering Head Start or Kindergarten. You will use a strength-based approach to inspire collaborative working relationships to achieve goals together. You will use your rapport and motivation skills to help all parties fully engage with one another and understand the importance of play and talking with our children.

Orchards Children’s Services supports your success at each step. We ensure manageable caseloads to enable you as an Early Learning Specialist to have a deeper and more creative engagement with the children and families. We provide ongoing training and career development opportunities as well as encourage continued education to support career advancement. In addition, you will engage in individual face-to-face supervision, as well as supportive group engagement with your team members.

As a Child Welfare Agency, Orchards Children’s Services provides endless opportunities for social workers to build a long and varied career path. If you have the desire to gain additional skills, you could grow into supervisory roles.

Orchards Children’s Services offers a fair market rate salary, an exceptional team-based environment, and a benefits package that includes employer-paid healthcare, dental, and vision. Orchards Children’s Services provides the opportunity to make an important difference in your community.

A bachelor degree in social work is highly preferred though not required for this role. If you have a Bachelor degree in social work, sociology, psychology, human services, family ecology, family studies, or family and/or child development, plus experience working with children and families, we encourage you to apply today.

Orchards Children’s Services leads Michigan’s efforts in keeping children and youth safe by strengthening families, preventing child abuse, neglect and exploitation, mitigating the harmful long-term effects of childhood abuse/neglect, and promoting child and family well-being that is sustained over time. This is accomplished through the delivery of services by our Community Based, Family Preservation, Foster Care, and Adoption program staff. Adhering to our mission to “Strengthen the community through quality services to children and families”, ensures that we are building on the strength and resiliency of families and communities.


 Job Type: Full-time starting at

$29,494.40 for non-degree candidates

$33,500 for candidates with a degree