Qualifications for a Foster or Adoptive Parent

• Applicants are required to be eighteen years of age or older.

• Applicants must complete orientation and additional required trainings.

• A complete home assessment is required to assess space, maintenance, safety considerations, approved sleeping arrangements and other household requirements.

• A social history assessment and interviews will be completed for all household members, including children and significant others.

• Applicants are required to submit legal documentation, including but not limited to social security cards, birth certificates, marriage licenses/divorce decrees, pet documentation, etc.

• The medical, mental and emotional health and substance use history of each household member will be assessed, including but not limited to the submission of medical and mental health clearances.

• A minimum of three unrelated references are required for each applicant.

• A financial assessment is required to assess the financial stability of the home, including but not limited to completing a financial worksheet, and the submission of utility bills and legal income verification.

• A background check is completed for each applicant, including, but not limited to a criminal clearance, fingerprinting, Central Registry clearance, etc. Police, court and probation discharge records are required if applicable. Additional clearances are completed for other household members.

• An assessment of any previous foster care, day care or adult foster care licenses held or applied for and to assess previous adoption assessments.

• Home visits are completed on a regular basis until the assessment process is completed.